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Philippe Desportes in the Louvre

Philippe Desportes (* 1546 in Chartres , † October 5, 1606 in Bonport , Normandy ) was a French author who went down in literary history almost exclusively as a poet.

As such, he made particular contributions to the purity of the language and the rigor of the metrical forms and can be considered a forerunner of François de Malherbe . In French literature he is counted among the second generation of poets of the Pléiade . He was a respected poet in court of Henry III. and from Heinrich IV.

His sonnets , odes , chansons and elegies show the influence of the Italian authors Francesco Petrarca , Ludovico Ariosto and Jacopo Sannazaro, who were also considered exemplary in France at the time . In addition to his poems, in 1603 he published a translation of the Psalms and a collection of "Prières et méditations chrétiennes" in prose .

Desportes was the uncle of the poet Mathurin Régnier , a son of his sister Simone.


  • Premières œuvres (1573)
  • Œuvres complètes
  • Les XLI chansons
  • Imitations de l'Arioste
  • Les amours de Diane (1573)
  • Les Amours de Cléonice (1583)
  • Bergeries
  • Élégies (1583)
  • Les 150 psaumes de David (1603-1605)

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