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The physical therapy combines medical treatments together, the natural reaction to external stimulus settlement use ( Greek φύσις physis , nature). The associated forms of therapy are also used by physiotherapy .

The effect and effectiveness of physical therapy can be explained with the stimulus-reaction principle, the physiological reactions of the body to external stimuli. A distinction is made between the following forms of response to the stimulus:

The forms of treatment in physical therapy are often divided into active and passive therapies. With the passive measures, the patient does not develop any activity or movement of his own. However, the body reacts to passive measures in the sense of the stimulus-reaction principle; changes occur z. B. the blood flow or blood pressure. Therefore, the distinction between active and passive forms of therapy in physical therapy does not make sense.

Forms of treatment

Application and implementation

The main indication for physical therapy are pain and functional restrictions in the area of ​​the locomotor system as well as some skin diseases. In particular, in orthopedics and trauma surgery as well as in rheumatology, physical therapy treatment measures are often used. As a rule, the therapeutic measures are carried out by members of the respective health professions as prescribed by a doctor.

The treatment can be prescribed and carried out in the form of individual therapies or as complex therapy. In complex therapy, various forms of physical therapy are combined. In the case flat rate system (Diagnosis Related Groups, DRG), appropriate “non-surgical therapeutic measures” are defined in Chapter 8 of the Operations and Procedure Code (OPS).


Individual evidence

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