Pib and Pog

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Original title Pib and Pog
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Publishing year 1994
length 6 minutes
Director Peter Peake
script Peter Peake
production Carla Shelley
for Aardman Animation
music Mike Prudence
camera John Bradley
Glenn Hall

Pib and Pog is a British clay-animated short film directed by Peter Peake in 1994.


The narrator welcomes the two clay figures Pib and Pog. They both wave tentatively and the narrator asks Pog what he was doing that day. Pog was on the beach showing a shell that he found. The narrator praises him. The narrator continues in the style of a preschool program aimed at (young) children, curiously asking what Pib and Pog are doing when they start arguing over the clam, and continues in the same style as Pib and Pog close ever more drastic means of mutual combat are taking effect. Pib shoots Pog with a pistol and cannon, saws through him and burns him with acid, while Pog uses similar means. After both were torn into a thousand pieces by the bomb and then put back together again, the director announces the end of shooting. Pib and Pog fall into small talk, praise each other for the good cooperation and at the end stand on the dark stage. Pog offers Pib his hand and he is completely destroyed by an electric shock. Pog leaves the stage and is upset about Pib.


Pib and Pog was created as a claymation on behalf of the broadcaster Channel 4 . The short film was broadcast on the station in 1994. In 2006, some one to two minute new episodes appeared around Pig and Pog ( Dentist , Peter's Room , X Factor , The Kitchen , Daddy's Study ).

The narrator of the film is Joanna Wake . Peter Peake can be heard briefly as director, Pib is voiced by Nigel Betts and Pog by Roy Macready .


Pib and Pog was nominated in 1995 for a BAFTA in the category Best Animated Short Film, but could not prevail against The Big Story . Peter Peake received the Best New British Animation award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival .

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