Polikarpov I-185

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Polikarpov I-185
Polikarpov I-185 (M-71) .jpg
Polikarpov I-185 with M-71 engine
Type: Fighter plane
Design country:

Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Soviet Union



First flight:

February 10, 1942

Number of pieces:


The Polikarpow I-185 ( Russian Поликарпов И-185 ) was a Soviet fighter aircraft from the early 1940s. Although it had good flight performance, it was not mass-produced, probably because its designer Nikolai Polikarpow had fallen out of favor with Josef Stalin .


When Stalin personally ordered the development of the Polikarpov I-180 to be stopped, Polikarpov developed the completely redesigned I-185 in just three months. In April 1940 two copies, equipped with an M-90 engine, were completed. Four more copies were equipped with the newly released M-71 and M-82 engines.
The beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the accompanying evacuation of the Polikarpov plant into the hinterland delayed the start of the testing by almost a year.
The I-185M-71 was not able to take off for its maiden flight until February 10, 1942, followed by the I-185M-82 on June 13.

The machines were then tried out with the 728th Fighter Regiment under real combat conditions and proved to be equal, if not superior , to the Lavochkin La-5s deployed at the time .

In 1943 a project called I-187 was still being planned, which was to receive an M-71 drive with adjustable cooling air flaps. It was no longer realized.

Technical specifications

Parameter I-185 M-71 I-185 M-82
span 9.80 m
length 8.05 m
Wing area 15.53 m²
Empty mass 2,709 kg 2,437 kg
Takeoff mass 3,750 kg 3,330 kg
drive an air-cooled 18-cylinder double radial engine Schwezow M-71 an air-cooled 14-cylinder double radial engine M-82A
power 1,470 kW (2,000 hp) 1,250 kW (1,700 hp)
Top speed 680 km / h at an altitude of 6,170 m 615 km / h at an altitude of 6,470 m
Climbing time to 6,000 m 4.7 min 5.8 min
Summit height 11,000 m
Range 1,015 km 800 km
Armament three 20-mm SchWAK cannons
eight 82-mm RS-82 missiles under the wings
three 20-mm SchWAK cannons
eight 82-mm RS-82 missiles under the wings
crew 1


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