Pons publishing house

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legal form GmbH
founding 1978
Seat Stuttgart
management Gabriele Schmidt
Number of employees approx. 80 (2019)
Branch publishing company
Website www.pons.de

The Pons-Verlag (PONS GmbH) is a German media company Klett Group , headquartered in Stuttgart busy, the approximately 80 employees.

Dictionaries and language learning materials are published under the PONS brand in over 32 languages. In 2019, the Federal Cartel Office approved the acquisition of titles and rights from Langenscheidt for PONS GmbH. Under the brand name Klett Lerntraining, the company develops learning aids for schoolchildren of all ages for learning during lessons.


In 1948 the first English dictionary appeared under the Klett brand , and the first French dictionary followed in 1960. The brand or the imprint PONS was founded in 1978; the idea for the Latin name "Brücke" came from the publisher Michael Klett . In the same year, the first dictionaries for English and French appeared under the PONS brand. Since then, the PONS titles have been recognized by the blue dotted logo on a green background. The Heidelberg graphic artist Erwin Poell designed this lettering, and in 2005 the Ludwigsburg designer Sabine Redlin slightly changed the logo. The typeface used in the dictionaries was developed by Kurt Weidemann , professor of typography from Stuttgart . Since 1980, alongside dictionaries, language courses, grammars and other materials for learning languages ​​have been published under the PONS brand. In 2018 the publisher celebrated the 40th anniversary of the brand.

The PONS booth at Didacta 2018


PONS now has dictionaries and language learning materials in over 32 languages ​​for a wide range of levels. The product formats are diverse. From printed materials to online applications and apps to ebooks and downloads.

Language providers on the Internet

  • In 2001, Pons launched its first bilingual online dictionary. It was published in five German-language translations in English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish with 120,000 keywords and phrases each.
  • The advertising-financed online dictionary has been online since October 15, 2008 and has been continuously expanded since then. Users can query words and phrases in dictionaries in German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Modern Greek, Latin and other languages. You can have a majority of the words spoken to you. In addition, a picture dictionary explains many terms visually. Similar to Wikipedia , users can add their own entries to the online dictionary.
  • Since July 24, 2009, a German spelling dictionary has been available in addition to monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.

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