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Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft

legal form Corporation
founding 1995
Seat Stuttgart , Germany
  • Christian Döttinger, board member
  • Philipp Haußmann, Board Spokesman
  • Lothar Kleiner, board member
  • David Klett, board member
  • Tilo Knoche, board member
Number of employees 6,641 (2018)
sales 750.0 million euros (2018)
Branch Textbooks, learning software , teaching and learning materials, educational and further training facilities, presence facilities
Website www.klett-gruppe.de

The Klett house in Stuttgart

The Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft (proper spelling: Klett Group ) is a public limited company in Germany , which as a holding company acting on behalf of the sub-companies. According to the articles of association, its business purpose is the operation of publishing houses and educational services (as there are schools, universities, etc.), the acquisition, holding and administration as well as the sale of or in investments in other companies as well as taking over the management of trading companies.

The Klett Group includes Ernst Klett Verlag, one of the largest German educational publishers.

The group is represented internationally in 18 countries in 2018. The 6,641 employees in the companies of the group generated a turnover of 750.0 million euros in 2018. In the 2017 ranking of the largest German publishers , the Klett Group came in second, with the ranking only referring to the turnover of Klett publishers in Germany and German-speaking countries. The ranking is not based on total sales. The adult and continuing education business areas, face-to-face facilities (schools, day nurseries, daycare centers) and also the publishers abroad are not included in the ranking.


The origins of the group go back to the year 1897. Ernst Klett the Elder takes over the former Royal Court Book Printing Company zu Gutenberg, which at that time can already look back on over 50 years of history. At that time, the focus of the company was on the printing company and an affiliated poster posting institute as well as a small, primarily musicological publishing house. The company has always been family-owned. In the spring of 1900, the young company moved into a new building in Stuttgart's Rotebühlstrasse 77, where the company's headquarters are still located today, for the installation of new, modern printing machines.

The first school books for the Württemberg region appear in the 1920s. Fritz Klett joined the company in 1921. Together with his father Ernst Klett d. Ä. He succeeds in expanding the publishing house and distribution and developing the printing company into a successful medium-sized company.

In 1936 Ernst Klett the Younger joined the company and primarily devoted himself to the publishing business. The focus on musicology takes a back seat in favor of fiction and non-fiction. Most of the publishing business was idle during the war. The company buildings in Rotebühlstrasse are largely spared from war damage.

In 1945, Klett received a license from the American military government to resume publishing and printing business after the end of the war : in addition to the general publishing house for fiction, non-fiction and psychoanalysis, an independent school book publisher was created . 1953 Fritz Klett's son Roland joins the company and initiates a modernization push in the printing house. The publishing house quickly developed into one of the largest and most successful in Germany and for the first time offered school books for the whole of Germany.

In 1969 Michael Klett , the eldest son of Ernst Klett the Elder, was born. J., partner and member of the management. In 1976 he took over the management of the publishing house. His younger brother Thomas Klett became a partner and member of the management in 1973. This third generation is coping with one of the first printing crises and declining student numbers. Through acquisitions (Axel Andersson Academy - today Hamburger Akademie für Fernstudien), investments ( Friedrich Verlag , Esslinger Verlag ) and start-ups ( PONS ), Klett expanded in the 1970s and 1980s and developed into a group of companies with diversified business areas. The Klett-Cotta publishing group started to strengthen fiction in 1977. Klett parted ways with its traditional mainstay, the Klett printing company, in 1989.

The first branch of a West German publishing house in the new federal states was founded in 1990 with Ernst Klett Verlag Leipzig. In 1992 the then Ernst Klett Schulbuchverlag GmbH, Stuttgart, took over the reprivatised Haack Gotha publishing house (formerly Justus Perthes Geographische Verlagsanstalt , founded in Gotha in 1785 , expropriated, nationalized in 1953 and renamed VEB Hermann Haack Geographisch-Kartographische Anstalt Gotha in 1955 ). The publishing house Justus Perthes Geographische Verlagsanstalt Darmstadt (newly founded in 1953), which was also taken over in 1992, was integrated into Justus Perthes Verlag Gotha GmbH from 1994 ; the Klett editorial offices for geography and cartography followed from Stuttgart. In 2003 Gothaer Verlag changed its name to Klett-Perthes Verlag GmbH; In 2008 it became a branch of Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH. The remaining activities were relocated to Ernst Klett Verlag Leipzig in March 2016. Since then, the preserved Perthes forum the collection Perthes Gotha as one of the largest geographical and cartographic collections in Europe on the historic publisher's address in Gotha.

With the conversion of Ernst Klett GmbH & Co. KG, which has existed since 1992, into a stock corporation, the business areas were restructured in 1995 and further investments were taken over. In the 1990s, the Klett Group became increasingly active abroad - in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the countries of the former Yugoslavia and France. In addition, the company founded the Deutsche Weiterbildungsgesellschaft (DWG) in 1994 and developed and expanded the field of distance learning and distance learning .

The founding of the European Distance Learning University in Hamburg in 2001 and the Apollon University of the Health Industry in 2005 built up the adult and further education division . With its distance schools, distance universities and face-to-face universities, the Klett Group is the largest private provider of further training in the German-speaking market today. For ten years now, facilities for face-to-face learning from crèches to high schools have rounded off the Klett Group's educational offering and promoted Klett's development into a diverse educational company.

In April 2019, the Federal Cartel Office approved that the Klett Group may indirectly acquire significant assets from Langenscheidt GmbH & Co. KG and Langenscheidt Digital GmbH & Co. KG.

The family company is managed as a stock corporation by its board members Philipp Haußmann, Lothar Kleiner and Tilo Knoche. With Philipp Haußmann, the fourth generation of the Klett entrepreneurial family is represented.

Business areas

The individual business areas of the group are divided into the following main areas: publishing houses and educational media , adult and further education as well as day-care centers and schools . The largest division is educational media publishers, with a turnover share of 55.1% in 2018. In second place are daycare centers and schools with 21%. The third largest share of sales is adult and further education with a share of 20.7%.

Educational media in German-speaking countries

Educational media in Europe

  • Anubis Publishing House, Sofia / Bulgaria
  • Bulvest 2000, Sofia / Bulgaria
  • Dr. Josef Raabe Slovensko sro, Bratislava / Slovakia
  • EXPOL PAEDAGOGIKA sro, Bratislava / Slovakia
  • KLETT Bulgaria Ltd., Sofia / Bulgaria
  • Klett Hellas Ltd., Alimos / Greece
  • Klett Izdavačka Kucá doo, Belgrade / Serbia
  • Klett nakladatelstvi sro, Prague / Czech Republic
  • Nakladatelství Dr. Josef Raabe, Prague / Czech Republic
  • NOVI LOGOS, Belgrade / Serbia
  • Profile Klett doo, Zagreb / ​​Croatia
  • RAABE Bulgaria EOOD, Sofia / Bulgaria
  • RAABE Klett Oktatási Tanácsadó és Kiadó Kft., Budapest / Hungary
  • ThiemeMeulenhoff, Amersfoort / Netherlands
  • Klett Polska sp. z oo, Poznan / Poland
  • Zalozba Rokus Klett, doo, Ljubljana / Slovenia

Foreign language publishers

  • Difusión SL, Barcelona / Spain
  • Editions Maison des Langues SARL, Paris / France
  • Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH , Stuttgart
  • Velcro USA. Inc., Chicago / USA
  • PONS GmbH , Stuttgart
  • Uitgeverij Talenland, Amsterdam / Netherlands

Adult and continuing education

In the German training market, the Klett Group is the leading private provider of distance learning and distance learning universities. All distance learning courses offered by the group in Germany are approved by the State Central Agency for Distance Learning (ZFU) and the courses are accredited by the national approval institutions . The group has more than 185,000 correspondence course participants and students annually.

The companies of the Klett Group in the field of adult and further education:

Public publishers

The Klett Group's public publishers include:

Day care centers and schools

  • BEST Sabel Education Center, Berlin
  • EIIE EURASIA Institute for International Education GmbH, Berlin
  • Froebel International, Berlin, Stuttgart
  • Galileo Bildungshaus gGmbH, Stuttgart
  • Children's centers Kunterbunt gGmbH, Nuremberg
  • Seepferdchen Kita GmbH, Munich
  • SIS Swiss International School, Stuttgart / Germany, Zurich / Switzerland, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
  • Villa Luna Kindertagesstätten GmbH, Stolberg

Service, logistics and sales

Web links

Individual evidence

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