Popradské pleso

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Popradské pleso
Popradzki Staw a5.jpg
View of Popradské pleso from Mount Ostrva
Geographical location High Tatras , Slovakia
Tributaries Ľadový potok
Drain Krupá
Coordinates 49 ° 9 '12 "  N , 20 ° 4' 47"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 9 '12 "  N , 20 ° 4' 47"  E
Popradské pleso (Slovakia)
Popradské pleso
Altitude above sea level 1494  m nm
surface 6.87 hectaresdep1
length 380 m
width 248 m
volume 504,380 m³
Maximum depth 17.6 m
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Popradské pleso (German Poppersee , Hungarian Poprádi-tó , Polish Popradzki Staw ) is a mountain lake (Slovak pleso ) on the Slovak side of the High Tatras .

On the bank

It is located in the Mengusovská dolina (German Mengsdorfer Tal ) and its height is 1494  m nm. Its area is 6.87 ha, it measures about 380 × 250 m and is up to 17.6 m deep. Autochthonous brown trout live in the lake . The only above-ground tributary is the Ľadový potok (German Eisbach ) in the east, the only outflow is the Krupá in the south, which merges further downstream with the Hincov potok to form the Poprad river . The lake is frozen over from around mid-November to mid-May on average. On the north shore of the lake are two mountain huts , the Majláthova chata (German Majláthhütte ) and the Chata pri Popradskom plese (German literally hut on Poppersee ).

Popradské pleso can be reached all year round via an asphalt forest road (blue hiking trail) from the Popradské pleso stop of the Tatra Electric Railway (1:00 a.m.) or via the red hiking trail from Štrbské Pleso (1:00 a.m. in summer, 1:15 a.m. in the winter). Access by car is only possible with a special permit. The lake can only be reached in summer from the Sliezsky dom hut via the Batizovské pleso lake (3:30 h). From Popradské pleso you can go on hikes to surrounding destinations around the Mengusovská dolina and in the Kotlina Žabích plies (German frog lake valley ), including to the largest mountain lake in Slovakia, Veľké Hincovo pleso , or to the Polish-Slovak border mountain Rysy .

About 10 minutes walk south of the lake is the Symbolic Cemetery of the Victims of the High Tatras .


Historical picture of the lake

The name Popradské pleso has nothing in common with the town of Poprad , about 25 kilometers away , but derives from the fact that the Krupá stream is a source of the Poprad. The name Poppersee is already mentioned in the work Bibliotheca seu Cynosura Viatorum (1644) by the Käsmarker geographer David Fröhlich . The polyhistor Matthias Bel used the name Rybie pleso (literally fish lake ) in 1736 due to the fact that fish lived only in this lake south of the main Tatra ridge. Since this was also the name of the lake in Poland known today as Meerauge , the Popradské pleso was also called Malé Rybie pleso (German Small Fish Lake ) to distinguish it. In the 19th century people also spoke of Mengusovské pleso (German Mengsdorfer See ) due to the fact that it belonged to the Mengusovce community at that time . Ultimately, however, the name Popradské pleso prevailed.


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