Power Forward (ice hockey)

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Power forward
Power forward
Jarome Iginla is one of the most famous power forwards
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The power forward is a position designation - mostly for wingers - in ice hockey . The game of the power forward is usually very physical, which is why the term is mostly only used for players who have the corresponding typical physical requirements, such as height or weight.

The name Power Forward comes from the way most players of this type play; Due to their physical superiority, they are difficult to separate from the puck, so they “power” their way through the opposing defensive lines and generate scoring opportunities that they often complete themselves. Power forwards also often position themselves in front of the opposing goalkeeper in attacking play in order to block his view.

The power forward has the advantage over smaller, weaker players that it can hardly be pushed and put out of position on the ice, difficult to separate from the puck and hardly intimidated. On the other hand, they are usually less agile and slower than other types of players.

Well-known power forwards of the National Hockey League