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Michał Abraham Frencel (German Michael Abraham Frenzel or Frentzel ; born November 19, 1656 in Kosel , Oberlausitz , † April 15, 1740 in Schönau auf dem Eigen ) was a Sorbian Lutheran clergyman and historiographer. He also dealt with Sorbian language studies.


The son of pastor and Bible translator Michał Frencel also studied theology and in 1685 became pastor in Gaussig . In 1686 he moved to the parish office in Schönau on the property, which he held until his death.

Frencel was the first author to give a more detailed account of the Sorbs' way of life . In his Historia populi et rituum Lusatiae Superioris… (German history of the people and customs of Upper Lusatia), created around 1700, Frencel described observations about the clothing, the customs and traditions, about the work behavior and the legal system of the Upper Lusatian Sorbs.

Frencel's dictionary De originibus linguae Sorabicae is still a valuable source for the Sorbian vocabulary at the end of the 17th century. His assumption that many Sorbian words should come from Hebrew , on the other hand, has no basis.


  • De originibus linguae Sorabicae . 2 vols. Budissin 1693/96 (language study and dictionary)
    Modern edition under the title: Słownik górnołużycki Abrahama Frencla , ed. v. Stanislaw Stachowski. (= Monograph slawistyczne. 40). Wroclaw 1978
  • Historia populi et rituum Lusatiae Superioris ... (approx. 1700, unprinted manuscript)


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