Attacking player (ice hockey)

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Attacking player
Attacking player
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In ice hockey, the attacking players , unlike the defenders, are set up with the primary goal of getting the puck into the opposing goal. A distinction is made between outside forwards, who are used on the left or right as wingers ( English Left Wing or Right Wing ), and center forward (English Center ). With the exception of extra attacking or outnumbered situations, there are usually two wingers and a center forward on the field of play . The tasks that are tied to the respective position of the players can change during the course of the game, so that a center forward also takes on the tasks of the winger or vice versa.

Position of the players on the ice surface

Center Forward

The center forward takes on the central role within the storm line in ice hockey. He usually plays more defensively than the two wingers and takes on the playmaker position . However, there are also game systems in which the center forward is the most offensive player.

For example, the following active center forwards became known:

National Hockey League: German Ice Hockey League:


In most game systems, the winger act more offensively than the center forward. Depending on the tactics, the center forward "distributes" the pucks to the two wingers, who then bring an attack to a close. Another possibility is that the winger act as a template for the center forward, who pulls into the so-called "slot", the area immediately in front of the opponent's goal, to take the goalkeeper's view or to deflect shots.

Known active left winger
National Hockey League: German Ice Hockey League:

Known active right winger
National Hockey League: German Ice Hockey League:

Extra attacker

In addition, during the game teams have the option of the goalkeeper in favor of an extra attacker ( English Extra Attacker ) to take from the game. This is usually when a team is just before the regular end just in arrears and attempts by this power play to score a goal, and therefore the extension to achieve.

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