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As a plague , often agitator ( dt . Instigators ) is called in hockey a player type that is known to constantly restart attempts, opposing players as well - to irritate opposing goalkeeper through various actions and to bring out the concept - but rare to reduce their effectiveness or to induce them to commit a criminal act . Pests differ from the so-called enforcers in that they are mainly aimed at disturbing the opponent in his game, but not necessarily - as is common in the North American scene - to be involved in a fist fight with him.

Plagues use legal, illegal, and borderline tactics to achieve their goals. The most frequently used methods include light hitting with a hockey stick , "trash talk" or hooking and holding on to the opposing player. Most of these actions take place away from the game, behind the referee .

Another common tactic is to incite opposing players into a fight only to back off and avoid your own penalty time.

Examples from the National Hockey League

While it is controversial among the fans for certain players which player can be called the plague, there are players who are referred to as the plague due to their permanently negative behavior in ice hockey circles as well as in the media . In February 2009, Sports Illustrated magazine published a list of the National Hockey League's most notable pests . Sean Avery came in first , followed by Claude Lemieux and Steve Ott .

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