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The prelature ( Latin: praelatura , the preferred) is an ecclesiastical organizational unit headed by a prelate ( bishop or abbot ). The term also describes the official dignity and sometimes the official and residential building of the prelate (→ abbey , abbot house ).

Prelature in the Evangelical Church

In the administration of the Evangelical Church in Germany , the term is only used in the Evangelical Church in Baden and the Evangelical Church in Württemberg , where it describes the central administrative authority of the Church .

The official areas of the monasteries in the Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church of Hanover , z. B. in Amelungsborn .

Prelature in the Roman Catholic Church

In the Catholic Church a distinction is made between the territorial prelature (Can. 368 CIC ) and the personal prelature (Can. 294 CIC). Before this Codex Iuris Canonici was introduced in 1983, the territorial prelature was also known as the Praelatura nullius dioecesis .