Prelature Stuttgart

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Basic data
Regional Church : Evangelical Church in Württemberg
Prelate : Gabriele Arnold
Structure: 9 church districts or districts
Parishioners: approx. 560,000 (2015)
Address of the
prelature :
Gerokstr. 49
70184 Stuttgart
Location of the Stuttgart Prelature within the Evang.  Regional Church in Württemberg

The Stuttgart Prelature , also called "Sprengel Stuttgart", is one of four prelatures of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg . In contrast to the church district, which is a corporation under public law , the prelature has no legal personality. It is just an ecclesiastical administrative district. The management of the Prälatur is for the Prälat or Prälatin, also known as " Regional Bishop is referred to" or "Regional Bishop".


The prelate has the task of visiting the deans in his prelature . But he is also active in pastoral care among the pastors and helps to fill the parish parish posts again. He is a member of the College of the Upper Church Council .


The Stuttgart Prelature essentially comprises the area of ​​the Stuttgart urban district and the Esslingen and Ludwigsburg districts . The Prelature Stuttgart includes the 9 church districts or church districts Bernhausen , Besigheim , Esslingen , Kirchheim unter Teck , Ludwigsburg , Marbach , Nürtingen , church district Stuttgart (formed in 2008 from the four church districts Stuttgart , Bad Cannstatt , Degerloch , Zuffenhausen ) and the January 1st Newly formed church district Vaihingen-Ditzingen in 2020, which was formed from the two previous church districts Vaihingen an der Enz and Ditzingen, which were dissolved at the same time .


Collegiate Church in Stuttgart

Predecessors of today's prelates in Stuttgart were the offices of provost and preacher, both introduced after the Reformation , the latter from 1550. The provost was responsible for the order and administration of the regional church, the preacher more for the sermon . The first provost was the reformer Johannes Brenz , the first preacher was Matthäus Alber . The four general superintendents or generalates in Adelberg , Bebenhausen , Denkendorf and Maulbronn were subordinate to the provost . Stuttgart was then subordinate to the Maulbronn Generalate. In 1688, the office of the Stiftspropste was abolished. After that there was only the preacher.

In 1823 Stuttgart was subordinated to the newly founded Generalate Ludwigsburg , but became the seat of the general superintendent of Reutlingen . In 1924 the general superintendent became the prelate.

Collegiate preachers since the 19th century were from 1852 to 1879 prelate and senior consistorial councilor Sixt Karl Kapff (1805–1879), from 1879 to 1900 prelate D. Carl von Burk (1827–1904), from 1911 to 1920 D. Christian Friedrich von Römer ( 1854–1920), from 1920 to 1930 Prelate D. Gustav Groß (1864–1943), from 1930 Prelate Theodor Schrenk, who on January 1, 1934 became the first prelate of the newly founded Prelature of Stuttgart.

The main church of the Stuttgart Prelature is the collegiate church in Stuttgart, where the prelate regularly holds services.

The prelates since 1934

  • 1934–1941: Theodor Schrenk (1870–1947)
  • 1941–1952: Karl Hartenstein (1894–1952)
  • 1953–1958: Immanuel Pfizenmaier (1891–1965)
  • 1958–1968: Friedrich Höltzel (1898–1990)
  • 1968–1969: Helmut Claß (1913–1998)
  • 1969–1980: Hermann Riess (1914–1990)
  • 1980–1987: Theo Sorg (1929–2017)
  • 1987–1998: Gerhard Röckle (* 1933)
  • 1998–2005: Martin Klumpp (* 1940)
  • 2006–2016: Ulrich Mack (* 1951)
  • since 1st Advent 2016: Gabriele Arnold (* 1961)

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