General Superintendent Hall

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Basic data
Regional Church : Evangelical Church in Württemberg
last general superintendent : Paul von Braun
Area : km²
Structure: 12 church districts
Parishioners: ? (1913)
Location of the former prelature hall within the Evang.  Regional Church in Württemberg

The General Superintendenz Hall or the Generalate Hall (now known as the Prelature or Sprengel ) was one of the six general superintendencies of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg until its dissolution in 1913 . It was an ecclesiastical administrative district. The general superintendent was in charge of the general superintendent (today prelate ), who is now sometimes referred to as regional bishop .


The general superintendent as head of the general superintendent had the task of visiting the deans in his general superintendent . But he was also active in pastoral care among the pastors and helped to fill the parish parish posts again.


The general superintendency Hall comprised the northeast of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg, i.e. the area from Weikersheim in the north to Heidenheim an der Brenz in the south and from Künzelsau in the west to Crailsheim in the east. The church districts and deaneries of Aalen , Blaufelden , Crailsheim , Gaildorf , Schwäbisch Hall , Heidenheim , Künzelsau , Langenburg , Öhringen , Schorndorf , Weikersheim and Welzheim belonged to it .


St. Michael, a Gothic hall church with a Romanesque tower

The general superintendencies in Württemberg were used soon after the introduction of the Reformation at the sites of the former monasteries ( Adelberg , Bebenhausen , Denkendorf and Maulbronn ). At the head of each was a general superintendent who was subordinate to the provost of the collegiate church in Stuttgart. However, the office of general superintendent was usually not associated with the respective monastery seat, rather the administrative district only bore its name. In the course of history, the names of the general superintendent were changed several times.

As a Free Imperial City, Schwäbisch Hall did not belong to Württemberg until 1803 . Therefore, there has only been a general superintendence Hall since 1823. At that time, the General Superintendency Öhringen-Schöntal, established in 1810, was dissolved and a new one was built in Schwäbisch Hall. By royal resolution of March 16, 1913, the general superintendency Hall was dissolved with effect from April 1, 1913 and the area was mainly assigned to the general superintendent Heilbronn, the deans of Aalen, Heidenheim and Welzheim came to the general superintendent Ulm. The Heilbronn prelature emerged from the general superintendent of Heilbronn in 1924. Until 1951 the prelate of Heilbronn still had his seat in Schwäbisch Hall.

General superintendent since 1823


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