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A presidium (from Latin praesidium ) is a general term for the management level in administrations and organizations (such as parties , associations and foundations ), which usually consists of a president and his deputy . The regulations on the executive committee result from the law or from the statutes for parties, associations or foundations.

In the German Bundestag , the Presidium ( § 5 BTGO ) consists of the Bundestag President and the currently six Vice Presidents ( 19th electoral term ) who take turns in chairing the plenary sessions ( § 21 BTGO).

In the judiciary , it refers to the self-governing body of a court ( court presidium according to §§ 21a ff. GVG ).

Professional chambers also often have a presidium, such as B. the bar associations according to §§ 78 ff. BRAO or the Federal Chamber of Notaries according to § 79 BNotO .

In the management of existing police headquarters or Regierungspräsidien as a means authorities according to the state law of each state are formed.

In the customs of student associations, this is understood to mean the chairmanship usually provided by the batches at traditional celebrations ( pub and commers ).