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A police headquarters (PP) in Germany is a state police authority with a steering and management function for various large associations within the state police . Most countries also have police headquarters for the riot police .

The chief is the chief of police , the deputy chief of the police vice-chief or another officer of the higher service .

In the hierarchy , the police headquarters are often directly subordinate to the responsible state ministry , usually the interior ministry (in Hamburg and Saarland: Preses , in Berlin and Bremen: Senator for the Interior).


Police headquarters are each set up with responsibility for several districts. There are regional police headquarters in Aalen , Freiburg im Breisgau , Heilbronn , Karlsruhe , Konstanz , Ravensburg , Ludwigsburg , Mannheim , Offenburg , Reutlingen , Stuttgart , Tuttlingen and Ulm .

In organizational terms, the regional police headquarters include a management level as well as the police station directorate, the criminal police directorate and the traffic police directorate. In addition to the police chief, the management area includes the staff units ( public relations ; strategic controlling and quality management), the management and operational staff, the prevention unit and administration with the legal and data protection, finance and personnel units. The police station directorate is assigned a management group, the police stations, the police dog handler unit (s) (with possibly relocated locations), the business / environment work area and, depending on requirements, property protection. Optionally, the police headquarters can form a central detention facility and operational units. The structure of the criminal police ensures that all criminal police tasks are carried out by the future criminal police departments of the regional police headquarters, taking into account the tasks of the previous investigative departments of the state police departments, provided that the state criminal police office is not responsible according to Section 11 DVo PolG. The criminal police will be set up with eight execution-centralized criminal inspections (K 1 to 8) as well as object-centralized criminal inspectors. A delegation is to be largely dispensed with. The future traffic police departments will bundle specialized traffic police tasks in the area and on federal motorways. In addition to the lead group, traffic monitoring groups, traffic accident recording groups, motorway police service groups, traffic commissariats, motorway police stations and, depending on requirements, the BAB search are subordinated to the traffic police directorate. Traffic commissariats (14 across the country) will be set up at dislocated locations where several traffic police tasks have to be performed.

In addition, the police headquarters is set up with nationwide responsibility. This follows the organizational structure of the regional police headquarters and is only supplemented by the “Police Dog Handler Training and Competence Center”, which is assigned to the command and control team. For the organizational structures of the riot police headquarters in Bruchsal and Göppingen, there is a management group, an operations department, each with an evidence preservation and arrest unit and dislocated units (southern Baden and Lake Constance region), two operations departments, each with an evidence preservation and arrest unit, a cavalry unit (Mannheim and Stuttgart) and a technical unit Insert unit provided. The Special Forces Directorate is subordinated to a command group, the Special Operations Command, the Mobile Operations Command, the Technical Center Special Units and the Personal Protection Commands (Stuttgart and Karlsruhe) in the Personal Protection Organizational Unit. The police helicopter squadron is divided into a management group, the quality management police helicopter, operations / flight operations with a branch in Söllingen and the organizational unit “Aviation training and further training”. A leadership group and the water police stations are subordinate to the water police headquarters.

The Technical, Logistics and Police Service Presidium has also been set up with nationwide responsibility. In terms of organizational structure, it is divided into a staff (with integrated staff units for public relations, controlling, quality management, internal auditing / corruption prevention) and five departments, each of which is subordinated to a department coordination and various departments. The State Police Orchestra is assigned to the management staff. The Technical, Logistics and Service Presidium of the Police takes on the tasks of the previous Divisions 66 of the State Police Directorates, the tasks of Department 2 of the State Criminal Police Office, the coordination of BOS digital radio, the vehicle fleet management and the tasks / coordination of classic police technology.


The praesidia in Bavaria are the higher authorities for police inspections and associated organizational units. The former police headquarters were disbanded between 2007 and 2009 following a reorganization of the Bavarian police , and the tasks were distributed to the police headquarters and inspections. Before that, there was only one police headquarters in Upper Bavaria (excluding Munich), Swabia and Eastern Bavaria (Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate).

The Bavarian Police have the following police headquarters:


In Berlin, the police headquarters is called The Police President in Berlin , which was inherited from the 19th century , which is explained by the special position of the royal residence within Brandenburg . The authority is divided into six directorates and the State Criminal Police Office . It reports to the Senator for Home Affairs.


As of January 1, 2011, the state of Brandenburg will have a police headquarters in Potsdam, in which the Frankfurt / Oder and Potsdam praesidia, which existed until the end of 2010, as well as the State Criminal Police Office and the State Mission Unit (LESE) have been merged.

Below the level of the police headquarters, which is a higher state authority within the meaning of the state organization law of the state of Brandenburg, four police departments have been established:


There are seven police headquarters in Hesse, which are subordinate to the state police headquarters . The state police headquarters, in turn, is located directly as a department in the Ministry of the Interior .

The following police headquarters exist:

Lower Saxony

In Lower Saxony there is only one state police headquarters as a functional organizational unit (Department 2 of the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport ). The subordinate state authorities are the Police Directorate Braunschweig , Göttingen, Hanover , Lüneburg, Oldenburg and Osnabrück as well as the Central Police Directorate Lower Saxony and the State Criminal Police Office Lower Saxony .

North Rhine-Westphalia

Police departments exist in North Rhine-Westphalia in the urban districts , some with extended jurisdiction , while for the counties , the district administrators as district police authorities are responsible - exception is the police headquarters in Recklinghausen. The supervision has the Interior Ministry .

See also: List of district police authorities and police headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia


Police headquarters in Koblenz

In Rhineland-Palatinate , all police authorities are higher authorities .

The police headquarters, each with regional responsibility in the area, are operationally divided into

The police maintain the police headquarters in the area

It also maintains with central responsibility


The police district (PB) is the equivalent of the police headquarters in Saarland .


By changing the Police Organization Ordinance in 2004, the three police headquarters in Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig that existed until then were abolished and their tasks were transferred to the police headquarters. The riot police headquarters remained, however.

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