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Sebastian Kneipp as one of the pioneers in preventive health promotion (1895)

Preventologist (from the Latin praevenire “to anticipate ”, “prevent” and ancient Greek λόγος lógos “teaching”) is a new health profession that focuses on promoting the health of individuals and the general population. Prevention focuses on exercise, nutrition and relaxation. The aim of the salutogenetic work of the preventologist is to support people in a conscious, responsible and competent way of dealing with their own health through information, education, advice and the imparting of skills or methods.


Since 2003, training has been possible that consists of a one-year modularized distance learning course with face-to-face seminars, which is certified by the Federal Employment Agency . In addition to a general certification, specializations can be acquired in the areas of daycare, schools, company health care and community work. The face-to-face study comprises a total of 400 hours. No special admission requirements are specified for the training. The training content includes medical basics, concepts of health promotion and prevention, the effectiveness and risks of complementary medicine , the basics of healthy nutrition , exercise and relaxation , life skills training and the pedagogical basics of teaching. More specific topics include a. Addiction prevention , stress management , workplace health promotion and preventive environmental advice .

A comparable qualification can be acquired under the name “Certified Prevention Advisor - Health Advisor” through a 15-month distance learning course. The minimum requirement here is a secondary school leaving certificate as well as training and / or professional experience in another health profession or an educational or advisory profession. Further training courses are offered under the heading of health advisor. They are inconsistent in terms of the scope and qualifications of the degrees.

Fields of activity

Fields of activity are public and private institutions, such as kindergartens and schools, clubs and centers in the areas of sport, fitness and health, advice centers, rehabilitation clinics, companies, self-help organizations as well as charitable organizations and health services. In companies, preventologists form a link between the company doctor , employee and employer and coordinate in-house health programs designed to reduce sick leave . They coordinate wellness offers , something in hotels, to relax and promote health. Journalistic work on health topics is also possible.

Präventologen subject, as far as they belong to the trade association, in their professional capacity a professional code of conduct relating to the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion calls.

Organizational forms

In 2003, members of various health, social and educational professions founded the Professional Association of German Preventologists . He developed the specialist course in prevention, created a professional code, awards the certificate in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and organizes an annual conference. Ellis Huber has been the chairman since 2006 .

In 2004 the capital office for complementary medicine was established in Berlin, where, in addition to the professional association of preventologists, the umbrella organization for anthroposophic medicine in Germany (DAMiD), AnthroMed, the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ); the Hufelandgesellschaft (umbrella association of medical associations for naturopathy and complementary medicine ), the Kneipp-Bund eV and the Federal Association for Health Promotion and Prevention are involved. The aim of the association is the further development of prevention and health promotion.

Individual evidence

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