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Professor or Professor is a non-academic title of prime minister of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg as honorary title can be awarded. The title is a state award for outstanding achievements in science, but has no connection with a professorship , although the designation is also used by university lecturers.


The right of the Prime Minister was initially based on a law passed by Adolf Hitler and was only put on a new legal basis in 2009 with the “Awards Act”. The opposition rejected the new version at the time, as the award posed a risk of confusion with real professors and was no longer up to date. With the new version it was determined that the award should not be given more than four times a year, the title holder should as a rule have reached the age of sixty.


The prerequisite for the award is outstanding performance or its mediation in the following areas:

These services not only have to have been performed over a longer period of time, but also have to have demonstrably made an exceptional contribution to science, art, research or the intellectual life of the country. An award for merits in teaching and research at a university or at a research institution primarily financed with public funds is excluded, as is an award to persons who already have the academic professional title of professor. Incidentally, an award to members of the public service comes into consideration at the earliest with the age-related retirement from the service.

The honorary title is used without an addition. The responsible ministry can usually decide on the award of the title on the basis of two academic reports . The award certificate bears the signature of the Prime Minister and the large official seal of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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