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Progroup AG
legal form Corporation
founding 1991
Seat Landau in the Palatinate
management Jürgen Heindl ( CEO )
Number of employees 1040
sales 804 million euros
Branch Corrugated cardboard , paper
As of December 31, 2017

Progroup is a German corrugated board manufacturer with several plants in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. According to its own information, the group of companies is one of the four largest producers of corrugated cardboard on the European market. Corrugated cardboard production is supplied with corrugated cardboard base paper by two of its own paper mills in Burg and Eisenhüttenstadt .


The company was founded in 1991 as Prowell GmbH by Jürgen Heindl and began producing corrugated cardboard in 1992 in Offenbach an der Queich, Palatinate . In the following decades, production capacity was greatly expanded through the construction of several new plants. Records have been set several times in terms of plant size and productivity. A corrugated cardboard plant was opened in Rokycany in the Czech Republic in 2002, which at the time housed the largest corrugated cardboard plant in the world. The Prowell plant in Schüttorf , which was inaugurated in 2006, was the largest corrugated cardboard sheetboard plant in Europe at the time of commissioning and had an annual production capacity of 155,000 tons. In 2007, the company's first plant in Offenbach an der Queich was shut down, while Europe's largest corrugated cardboard plant for heavy corrugated cardboard went into operation in the immediate vicinity of the old location. In December 2015, EnBW decided to take over a thermal power station in the immediate vicinity of the paper mill in Eisenhüttenstadt. The waste incineration plant generates up to 1 million tons of steam and 160 GWh of electricity annually. This means that 100% of the site's steam requirements and around 50% of the paper machine's electricity requirements can be covered. On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, Prime Minister Malu Dreyer said during a speech that Progroup AG is one of the top 5 companies in the industry and one of the 20 largest production companies in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Production sites

Progroup's classic business model is based on the fact that Progroup and its customers have different locations. Progroup delivers to its customers via fixed transport partners or through the Group's own logistics. This has 60 tractors for this purpose. Progroup also advertises “packaging park models” in which the customer settles in the vicinity of the corrugated cardboard plant or, conversely, a new corrugated cardboard plant is built at the customer's location according to the customer's requirements.

List of paper machines

The following table lists all paper machines that are operated by companies or whose commissioning is planned. The machines listed are used to produce corrugated board base paper for further processing in other factories of the company.

Surname Location Installation Operating speed Annual production
PM1 Castle 2001 1300 m / min 415,000 tons
PM2 Eisenhüttenstadt 2010 1700 m / min 650,000 tons
PM3 Sandersdorf-Brehna 2nd half of 2020 1600 m / min 750,000 tons

List of corrugated cardboard plants

The following table lists all corrugated cardboard plants that are operated, operated or planned to be commissioned by companies.

Surname Location Installation Shutdown Annual production
PW01 Offenbach on the Queich 1992 2007 ?
PW02 Douvrin 1996 - 85,000 tons
PW03 Castle 1998 - 130,000 tons
PW04 Rokycany 2002 - 140,000 tons
PW05 Schuettorf 2006 - 155,000 tons
PW06 Offenbach on the Queich 2007 - 170,000 tons
PW07 Stryków 2009 - 165,000 tons
PW08 Ellesmere Port 2009 - 85,000 tons
PW09 Plößberg 2015 - 90,000 tons
PW10 Trzcinica 2017 - 110,000 tons
PW11 Drizzona 2018 - 95,000 tons
PW12 Ellesmere Port 2019 - 235,000 tons
PW13 Ice field 4th quarter of 2019 - 190,000 tons

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