Pye Records

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Pye Records was a British music label .

Company history

The Pye Radio Company originally sold televisions and radios. The company pushed into the record market when it bought Nixa Records in 1953 . In 1955, Pye also acquired Polygon Records , a label founded by Alan A. Freeman and Leslie Clark, Petula Clark's father .

The two labels were combined to form Pye Nixa Records . In 1959, the name was changed to Pye Records and the British television station Associated Television Network (ATV) took over 50% of the company. ATV also bought the other half of the company in 1966. Two other labels were created in the 1960s: Pye Golden Guinea Records and Piccadilly Records . They were replaced by Dawn Records in the 1970s . When the rights to the name Pye expired in 1980, the label was renamed PRT Records (Precision Records & Tapes).

In 1958 Pye International Records was also launched. This label sold many US record companies in the United Kingdom such as Chess Records , A&M Records , Kama Sutra Records , Buddah Records , Casablanca Records and King Records .

Major artists on Pye / Pye Nixa / PRT Records