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Cultivated apple (Malus domestica)

Cultivated apple ( Malus domestica )

Eurosiden I
Order : Rose-like (rosales)
Family : Rose family (Rosaceae)
Subfamily : Spiraeoideae
Tribe : Pyreae
Scientific name

The Pyreae form a tribe in the subfamily of the Spiraeoideae of the rose family . The tribe includes the sub-tribus of the pome fruit plants (Pyrinae) and the following three genera:

The pomaceous fruit plants were previously run as the subfamily Pyrinae of the rose family. Molecular genetic studies showed that they form a group within the Spiraeoideae . Potter et al. have therefore defined the group as the Subtribe Pyrinae. The base chromosome number of the Pyreae is x = 17, in the genus Vauquelinia x = 15.

The tribe forms together with the genus Gillenia the Supertribus Pyrodae CS Campbell, RC Evans, DR Morgan & TA Dickinson

supporting documents

  • D. Potter, T. Eriksson, RC Evans, S. Oh, JEE Smedmark, DR Morgan, M. Kerr, KR Robertson, M. Arsenault, TA Dickinson, CS Campbell: Phylogeny and classification of Rosaceae . Plant Systematics and Evolution, Volume 266, 2007, pp. 5-43. doi : 10.1007 / s00606-007-0539-9

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