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Vauquelinia californica

Vauquelinia californica

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Eurosiden I
Order : Rose-like (rosales)
Family : Rose family (Rosaceae)
Genre : Vauquelinia
Scientific name
( Corrêa ) Humb. & Bonpl.

Vauquelinia is a genus within the family of the rose family (Rosaceae).


Vegetative characteristics

Vauquelinia species are unprinced, evergreen shrubs or low trees . Its leaves are alternate, simple, leathery, pinnate and serrated on the edge. Stipules are present.

Generative characteristics

The inflorescence is a terminal, umbrella grape-like compound cluster . The hermaphroditic flowers are radial symmetry and five-fold with a double flower envelope . The flower cup is hemispherical. An outer cup is missing. The sepals adjoin each other, but do not come to lie on top of each other. The five petals are white.

There are fifteen to twenty stamens . A discus cannot be seen. The five carpels are not overgrown with the flower cup, but laterally together. There are two apotropic ovules per carpel .

The fruit is a laterally and downwardly opening Sammelbalgfrucht of five Einzelbälgen with woody pericarp and two seeds.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 30.


Vauquelinia is found in the southern United States ( Arizona , Texas , New Mexico ) and Mexico. It inhabits fully to semi- arid zones as well as chaparral at altitudes up to 2700 meters, often on limestone soils.


The genus Vauquelinia was established in 1807 by José Correia da Serra in Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland : Plantae Aequinoctiales , 1, 6, pp. 140-142, plate 40. The generic name Vauquelinia honors the French chemist Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin (1763–1829).

The genus vauquelinia belongs to the tribe Pyreae from Supertribus Pyrodae in the subfamily spiraeoideae within the family of Rosaceae (Rosaceae).

There are two or three species in the genus Vauquelinia :


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