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Free and Sovereign State of Zacatecas
Coat of arms of the Free and Sovereign State of Zacatecas
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Capital Zacatecas
surface 75,539 km² (rank 8 )
population 1,690,868 (Rank 25 )
Population density 21.8 inhabitants per km²
(2010 census)
governor Alejandro Tello Cristerna ( PRI )
Federal MPs PT = 2
PES = 1
PVEM = 1
(4 federal constituencies)
Senators Morena = 2
PRI = 1
ISO 3166-2 MX-ZAC
Postal abbreviation Zac.

The state of Zacatecas [ sakaˈtekas ], officially the Free and Sovereign State of Zacatecas ( Spanish Estado Libre y Soberano de Zacatecas ), is located in the north-central part of Mexico . Zacatecas is bounded in the north by the state of Coahuila , in the northwest by Durango , in the extreme west by Nayarit , to the east are San Luis Potosí and Nuevo León , while in the south there are Guanajuato , the small Aguascalientes and Jalisco .

Zacatecas has approx. 1,700,000 inhabitants on 75,539 km² (approx. 3.8% of the area of ​​Mexico). Zacatecas is divided into 58 Municipios (municipalities). The largest cities in the state are, in addition to the capital of the same name, Zacatecas Guadalupe , Fresnillo , Jerez de García Salinas , Río Grande and Víctor Rosales . Many of the larger settlements emerged from mining towns.

It consists mostly of desert steppe, which already forms the transition to the North American prairie . The most important branches of the economy besides mining are agriculture (especially livestock farming) and tourism.

While the silver industry in Zacatecas is becoming less and less important, other industries and economic sectors have settled there in recent years. The world's largest brewery stands between Zacatecas town and Fresnillo. The brewery group Grupo Modelo produces 22 million hl of beer a year .

Along with the states of Guerrero and Michoacán, Zacatecas is one of the states in Mexico most affected by the wave of migration to the USA. There are now nearly a million Zacatecans living in the United States, mostly in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Population development

year population
1950 665.524
1960 817.831
1970 951,462
1980 1,136,830
1990 1,276,323
1995 1,336,496
2000 1,353,610
2005 1,367,692
2010 1,490,668
2015 1,579,209

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