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The Congress of the Union ( Congreso de la Unión , in full: Congreso General de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos ) is the legislature of the State of Mexico . It consists of two chambers, the Senate ( Senado de México ) and the House of Representatives ( Cámara de Diputados ).

The Senate ( Cámara de Senadores or Senado ) consists of 128 senators . They represent the entire state and are elected for six years. The college is composed of two senators for each of the 31 states and the federal district , elected from candidates from the strongest party, and one senator from the second strongest party. A further 32 senators are elected by proportional representation throughout the state.

The House of Representatives ( Cámara de Diputados , corresponds to the British House of Commons ) consists of 500 members. Each represents an average of 200,000 voters (for three years, without re-election). 300 members of parliament are elected directly (“representación proporcional”, according to a majority vote in single-constituencies) and 200 indirectly (“mayoría relativa”), proportionally according to a complicated list voting system . The composition roughly corresponds to the percentage of parties in the state as a whole.

The congressional elections in the middle of the president's six-year term functionally correspond to the mid-term elections in the USA .


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