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The letter in isolated form
connected shape
from the right: ـړ

Rre ( Pashtun ړې ŕē ) is an Arabic letter that is part of the Pashtun language's expanded Arabic alphabet . It is derived from the Arabic letter Ra (ر) by adding a small circle called a pandak .

The volume value in Paschtu is in the initial sound and medially a voiced retroflex lateral flap (no IPA symbol, often a combination of [ɽ] and [ɻ] used), in final position, the letter represents the voiced retroflex approximant ( IPA : [ɻ] ). The Rre belongs next to Tte (ټ) , Ddal (ډ) and only (ڼ) to the letters of the Pashto script representing the retroflexed sounds . These phonemes do not appear in Arabic , so the letters were added to the original Arabic alphabet. Apart from the retroflex nasal, these phonemes also exist in a related form in Urdu , which also uses a modified Arabic script. There, however , the retroflex articulation site is not indicated by the pandak, but by a superscript small Ṭa (ط) is displayed.

Unicode codepoint U + 0693
Unicode name Arabic letter deer with ring
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