Rabīʿ ath-thānī

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The Rabīʿ ath-thānī ( Arabic ربيع الثاني, DMG Rabīʿ aṯ-ṯānī ), also Rabiʿ al-achir (ربيع الآخر, DMG Rabīʿ al-āḫir ) or Rabiʿ II. , Is the fourth month of the Islamic calendar .


Rabiʿ ath-thani means "second month of spring"; the name comes from the time when the calendar was a solar one. In Rabiʿ ath-thani there is no festival that is valid for all Muslims - in Cairo the birth of Husain is celebrated on the fourth day of the month . The eleventh of the month within the Qadiriyya is the feast day of the Tariqa founder Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani ; in Sindhi the entire month is derived from this and is called Yarhin ("eleven").

The first and eleventh days of the month are considered negative days for some.


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