Radovene Point

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Radovene Point
Geographical location
Radovene Point (Antarctic Peninsula)
Radovene Point
Coordinates 65 ° 25 ′  S , 62 ° 6 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 25 ′  S , 62 ° 6 ′  W
location Grahamland , Antarctic Peninsula
coast Oskar II coast
Waters Sexaginta Prista Bay
Waters 2 Domlyan Bay

The Radovene Point (English, Bulgarian нос Радовене nos Radowene ) is a rocky headland on the Oscar-II. coast of Graham Lands on the Antarctic Peninsula . In the Exasperation Inlet , it separates the entrances to Sexaginta Prista Bay in the north from that of Domlyan Bay in the south. It is located on the eastern foothills of Stevrek Ridge at distances of 6.47 km southwest of Delusion Point and 4.75 km north of Kalina Point . It was exposed as a result of the breakup of the Larsen Ice Shelf in 2002 and the subsequent retreat of the Mapple and Melville glaciers .

It was mapped in 2012. The Bulgarian Commission for Antarctic Geographical Names named it in 2013 after the town of Radowene in northwestern Bulgaria .

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