Vitebsk Raion

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Vitebsk Raion, map

The Vitebsk District ( Belarusian раён Віцебскі ; Russian Витебский район ) is an administrative unit in the northeast of the Vitebsk Region in Belarus with the administrative center in the city of Vitebsk . The area of ​​the Rajons is 2800 km².


Vitebsk Raion is located in the northeastern part of Vitebskaya Woblasz. The Nachbarrajone in Woblast Vitebsk are in the north Haradok , southeast Liozna , south Senna , in the southwest Beschankowitschy and west Shumilina .

Sons and daughters of the Rajons


Vitebsk Raion was formed on July 17, 1924 , the current borders of the Raion have existed since 1960 .

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