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Ralf Dose (born 1950 in Lübeck ) is a German educationalist and LGBT activist.

life and work

Dose studied journalism, philosophy, educational science and psychology both in Göttingen and at the Free University of Berlin and graduated in 1979 with a Magister Artium.

Then Dose worked as a student assistant in the educational science institute at the Free University of Berlin, as well as in the department of higher education didactic training and advice. Finally, he also did secretarial work and was a technical assistant in pedagogy for young children. Dose was later a lecturer in sex education at the universities of Berlin and Hanover.

Since 1972, Dose has been involved in the West Berlin gay movement. In addition to Hans-Günter Klein and Manfred Herzer , he was one of the co-founders of the Magnus Hirschfeld Society . Since 1982 he has been active on a voluntary or full-time basis for the society or the research center for the history of sexology.

Dose's work focuses on researching the history of the Institute for Sexology, researching the biographies of the employees, and the organizational history of the sexual reform movement.

Dose has produced numerous publications on the homosexual movement, the history of sex science, and sexual reform.

Publications (selection)

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Individual evidence

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