Ram (bible)

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Ram ( Hebrew רם) was the son of Hezron and father of Amminadab . ( Rut 4,19  EU ) ( 1 Chr 2,9, 10  EU ) He is an ancestor of David and therefore part of the family tree of Jesus .

In the Gospel of Luke he is referred to as Admin ( Lk 3.33  EU ) and in the Gospel of Matthew as Aram ( Mt 1.4  EU ).

He probably lived in Egypt, since the progenitor Judah emigrated there.

People of the same name

In the 1st book of the Chronicle Ram is mentioned as the firstborn son of Jerachmeel , son of Hezron. Thus nephew of the first Ram ( 1 Chr 2,25, 27  EU ).

In the book of Job there is an Elihu of the Ram family mentioned.

Individual evidence

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