Ramsau singer

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The Ramsau singers are a Bavarian folk music three-song from Ramsau near Berchtesgaden .

The group was formed in the 1950s during Klöcklsingen. Serious rehearsal work began in 1959. Soon the first major appearances and contact with folk music greats such as the Riederinger singers , Wastl Fanderl and Annette Thoma . Until Bernhard Stöckl left in 1968, the Ramsau singers were a four-song, from then on a three-song with Fritz Resch, Josef Graßl and Erhard Maltan. There are numerous radio and television recordings with the Ramsau singers, in particular from Bavarian Radio , ORF and Radio Bozen . They still exist in the three-part line-up today, but have reduced their appearances in recent years.

Young Ramsau singers

For several years now, Fritz Resch's four sons - Wasti, Hansi, Simon and Sepp Resch - have been performing as young Ramsau singers . You have already made numerous appearances as well as radio and television recordings.


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