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A calculation aid is an item that helps with arithmetic .

The earliest arithmetic tools besides the fingers include stones for counting or notches in objects. The oldest finding of a calculation aid is a 30,000 year old notched wood .

Known computing aids are used in primary school computing box , which in the Montessori used with bead material , of the abacus . The slide rule , number slide and Napier's slide rule are also included. In addition, nomograms , tables, tables or lists are used, for example multiplication tables or logarithm tables .

The arithmetic aids also include the pen and paper: Written arithmetic is basically also one of the arithmetic aids, but also one of the algorithms .

Until the introduction of the written numerical calculation used today u. a. thanks to Adam Ries in Germany, the abacus was a widespread arithmetic aid.

Calculating machines are mechanical or electromechanical devices or modern electronic arithmetic aids, such as pocket calculators , but especially computers .

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