Right of work

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Right of work

description Legal journal
publishing company Publishing house CH Beck
First edition 1948
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Sold edition 1,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Achim Schunder
Web link rsw.beck.de
ZDB 203645-9

Law of Labor is a legal journal published by CH Beck . It bears the subtitle "Journal for the science and practice of all labor law" and is abbreviated to RdA .

The magazine was founded in 1948 by Hans Carl Nipperdey . The current editors are Rudolf Anzinger (State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs), Klaus Bepler (Presiding Judge at the Federal Labor Court ), Martin Henssler ( University of Cologne ), Wilhelm Moll (lawyer), Franz Jürgen Säcker ( Free University of Berlin ), Ingrid Schmidt (President of the Federal Labor Court), Rolf Wank ( University of Bochum ), Herbert Wiedemann (Emeritus University of Cologne) and Hellmut Wißmann (President of the Federal Labor Court a. D.).