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Ivory Coast coat of arms

Government N'Gbo Aké was an internationally not recognized government of the Ivory Coast . It was formed in the wake of the government crisis 2010/2011 on December 5, 2010 by Gilbert Marie N'gbo Aké on behalf of Laurent Gbagbo . Due to the conflicts surrounding the second round of the 2010 presidential election , it existed in parallel with the Soro III government, which had been put together shortly before, also on December 5, by Guillaume Soro on behalf of Alassane Ouattara . The Aké N'Gbo government became obsolete on April 11, 2011 with the arrest of Gbagbo.

Almost the entire government was affected by European Union sanctions as of January 11, 2011 . Its members were not allowed to enter the EU and their funds were frozen.


  • President: Laurent Gbagbo
  • Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Transport: Gilbert Marie N'gbo Aké


Post Surname Notes and Sources
Keeper of the Seal, Minister for Justice and Human Rights Yanon Yapo
Minister of Defense and Voluntary Service Dogou Alain
Interior minister Emile Guiriéoulou
Foreign minister Alcide Djédjé
Minister for Health and AIDS Christine Adjobi
Minister of Economy and Finance Dalo Noël Laurent Désiré
Minister for Mining and Energy Augustin Komoé Kouadio
Minister for Construction and Urban Development Yapo Atse Benjamin
Minister for Infrastructure and Wastewater Management Ahoua Don Mello
Communications minister Ouattara Gnonzié
Minister for Youth, Vocational Training and Employment Charles Blé Goudé
Minister of Education Anne Jacqueline Lohouès Oble
Minister of Agriculture Coulibaly Issa Malick
Minister for Environment, Water and Forestry Koffi Koffi Lazare
Minister for Technical Education Angèle Gnonsoa
Minister for Public Service Elisabeth Badjo Djékouri
Minister of Industry and Minister of Private Sector Development Philippe Attey
Minister for Women, Families and Children Danièle Boni Claverie
Minister for Information and Communication Technologies Amoikon Ettien
Minister of Culture Alphonse Voho Sahi
Science Minister Kata Kéké
Minister of Sport Franck Guéi
Minister of Commerce Amara Touré
Minister of Tourism and Crafts Sécré Richard Kouamé
Minister for Solidarity, Reconstruction and Social Cohesion Anne Gnahouret Tatret
Minister of Labor Nyamien Messou


Post Surname Notes and Sources
Budget officer Katinan Koné Justin from the Ministry of Economy and Finance
Education officer N'Guessan Yao Thomas from the Ministry of Education
State Secretary for Schools and Studies Lake Daleba Odette
State Secretary for Security Georges Armand Alexis
State Secretary for Disabilities Dogo Raphaël
Confederation of Representatives Dosso Charles Rodel

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