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Reinhard Edwin Mätzig (born July 2, 1895 in Lichtenberg ; † November 9, 1980 ) was a German politician ( KPD / SED ). In the Weimar Republic he was a member of the Saxon State Parliament .


Mätzig, son of a weaver and forest worker, worked as a metal worker himself. In 1914 he joined the SPD. In the First World War he fought as a soldier at the front from 1916. In November 1918 he was a member of the soldiers' council in Verdun . In 1919 Mätzig returned to Germany and became a member of the military border guards.

From 1920 he was active again as a worker and also acted as a works council. In 1920 he joined the KPD, but left the party the following year because of political differences. In 1924 he rejoined the KPD and in 1925 became a member of the KPD sub-district leadership in Zittau. In 1930 he was elected to the Saxon state parliament, to which he was a member until 1933. From 1932 Mätzig was a full-time employee for mass organizations of the KPD district leadership in Saxony, most recently secretary of the KPD sub-district Bautzen .

After the National Socialists "seized power " in 1933, Mätzig initially worked illegally for the KPD in the Dresden area . He later fled to Czechoslovakia and was head of the KPD border section Teplitz-Schönau from 1935 to 1938 . In 1937 he was expatriated (list 23). In March 1939 he emigrated to Great Britain via Poland . There he found employment as a gardener and caretaker. In 1940 he was interned in Liverpool , then on the Isle of Man , and finally brought to Australia . In the autumn of 1941 Mätzig returned to Great Britain. From 1942 to 1948 he worked as a locksmith in a chemical company and was a member of the Trade Unions.

In May 1948 Mätzig returned to Germany, to the Soviet Zone . In 1948 he became second secretary of the SED Grossenhain . From 1952 to 1965 he was deputy chairman of the Riesa district council and district building director. Mätzig was also a member of the district council and chairman of the permanent construction commission of the district council.



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