René Binz

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René Binz (born October 5, 1902 in Friborg ; † December 10, 1989 there) was a Swiss politician and State Chancellor of the Canton of Friborg . He was a member of the Conservative Party.


Catholic , from Düdingen and Niederwil (SO) , his parents were Gaspard Binz, warehouse manager, then taxidermist at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Freiburg , and Bertha geb. Söll, from Basel . In 1929 he married Ida Gerster. He is the grandfather of the National Councilor Jean-François Steiert and Thierry Steiert of the municipal council of Friborg.

René Binz obtained a legal license in 1924. He was a member of the central board of the Swiss Student Union and was active in the Alemannia student association. On June 28, 1924, at the age of 22, he was appointed Vice Chancellor. Charles Godel , whom he succeeded as State Chancellor in 1933 , introduced him to state affairs. He held office for 35 years, dedicating 45 years of his working life to the Council of State and the Grand Council. He was the founder of the association for expedient management in public administrations. Since he was trained bilingual, he makes sure that the translations respect the canton's language minority. He established the information meetings of the State Chancellor and the periodic press conferences of the State Council.

He paid particular attention to the press. He was an auditor (1936–1937), secretary (1937–1959) and chairman of the board of directors (1960–1976) of the Freiburger Nachrichten, of which he was finally appointed honorary president.

Binz campaigned for the return of the Cistercians to Hauterive (1939) and was a founding member of the Friends of Hauterive Association. For four years he was a member of the parish council of St. Nicholas. In addition, he was President of the Vinzenzverein of the Canton of Friborg and the Pro Juventute Foundation of the Saane and Upper Lake District.

He founded the traditional costume association of the Sense district and presided over the Friborg and then the Swiss traditional costume association from 1956 to 1861. He was also active in the Swiss Association for Documentary Film, in the commission of the Museum of Art and History in Freiburg, in homeland security and in the yodelling association.

Since 1919 he was a member of the Catholic student association KDStV Teutonia Freiburg in Uechtland.


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