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Reno Nonsens (also Regnauld Nonsens ; born April 3, 1919 in Strasbourg as Regnauld Seyfarth ; † September 27, 2001 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German actor and cabaret artist .

Live and act

He came to Frankfurt am Main at the age of six , graduated from the Wöhlerschule in 1939 and attended a piano and acting class at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory . After an apprenticeship as a tanner in Freiberg , he was drafted into military service. After his release, he studied economics in Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Freiburg until he graduated with a degree in economics .

After the war he turned entirely to his artistic inclinations. In 1950 he and Rudolf Rolfs were among the founders of the Die Schmiere cabaret , the “worst theater in the world”. On Hessian television he was seen as a porter in the series Die Firma Hesselbach in the 1960s . He then became known nationwide through the television show Zum Blauen Bock , in which he appeared as the Frankfurt babbling head waiter and sidekick for Heinz Schenk and Lia Wöhr . In his roles he usually embodied the eternal whiners and grumpy philistines . His small appearances, which always included a pun , usually began with the words: "Tach, Frau Wirtin!" "Tach, Herr Nonsens!" In 1990 he said goodbye to the stage with the program Rolfs and Nonsens clear the camp .

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