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Richard Queck ( November 4, 1888 - December 20, 1968 ) was a German football player . The offensive player from Eintracht Braunschweig played an international match for the senior national team in 1909, 1910 and 1914 as a left half -forward .



Queck played from 1900 to 1918 with the blue-yellow "Löwen" of Eintracht Braunschweig . Richard Queck and his brother Rudolf were among the top performers in the first decade of Eintracht and were one of the cornerstones of the North German championship teams from 1908 and 1913 . The attacker, who appeared as a left half-forward or winger, was considered a "gun" and was also known for his pronounced ability to combine. For the first time, Eintracht was in the final for the "North German" in 1907; but Victoria Hamburg still clearly prevailed 6: 1. Queck was again with Braunschweig in 1908/09 North German runner-up; then the men around Adolf Jäger from Altona won the title. On May 3, 1908 Queck played his only final round game for the German football championship , which was lost 0-1 in the quarter-finals against Duisburg SpV . He played on half left at Eintracht and at DSV the DFB President (1905-25) Gottfried Hinze was in goal. The third runner-up in the north brought the 1911/12 season before the second North German championship could be won in 1912/13. On May 25, the team around the Queck brothers prevailed 3-2 on the Hoheluft-Platz against Victoria Hamburg. Richard Queck scored two goals and the later national center striker Otto Harder , the “slip-through” had come to unity from Hohenzollern in 1910, chased Queck's templates.

Unfortunately, Eintracht had to forego the participation in the final round of the German championship in 1913, as the north German final round had been massively delayed due to weather problems and the final round of the German championship had long since started on the day of the north German final.

Queck had worked as senior secretary in the welfare office of the city of Braunschweig.

Selection teams

Queck played in 1909, 1910 and 1914 as a left half-forward each an international match for the national team , where he made his debut on April 4 in Budapest , in a 3-3 draw against the Hungarian national team. In both meetings with the Dutch national team , he scored one goal each. On October 16, 1910 he succeeded in the 1: 2 defeat in Kleve in the 25th minute and on April 5, 1914 in the 4: 4 draw in Amsterdam in the 49th minute, the hit to 1: 1; his last international match was also the last before the outbreak of the First World War, accompanied by a six-year international break .

In the competition for the Crown Prince's Cup in 1913/14, Northern Germany eliminated Brandenburg 3-2 in the semi-finals on February 8, 1914 in Hanover. The final took place on February 22nd, 1914 in Berlin against Central Germany. With the internal storm of the national strikers Adolf Jäger, Otto Harder and Richard Queck - goalscorers Harder and Queck - northern Germany prevailed 2-1 and won the coveted cup.



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