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Robert Hippolyte Chodat (born April 6, 1865 in Moutier , † April 28, 1934 in Pinchat near Carouge ) was a Swiss botanist and algae researcher . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " Chodat ".


Chodat attended secondary school in Biel and passed the Matura in Bern . He then studied physics and natural sciences at the University of Bern . On the advice of the botanist Johannes Müller Argoviensis (1828-1896), he switched to studying pharmacy and botany, where in 1887 he passed the federal pharmacist's diploma and received his doctorate in natural sciences.

He then owned a pharmacy in Geneva until 1893. After moving to the University of Geneva , he was initially a private lecturer from 1888 and was appointed associate professor for pharmacy and pharmaceutical botany in 1889. In 1891 he received his own chair for pharmacy and from 1900 was a full professor for general and systematic botany and head of the Botanical Institute as the successor to Marc Thury (1822-1905). In addition, from 1915 he was director of the Linnea Alpine Garden (Jardin et laboratoire alpins de la Linnaea) in Bourg-Saint-Pierre .

Chodat's research interests were also in the vegetation of the Mediterranean, South America and the USA, where he led several research expeditions. In 1914 he went on a collecting trip with Emil Hassler in Paraguay.

He was rector of the University of Geneva from 1908 to 1910.

Main research areas

Chodat has researched in several areas of botany and ecology such as systematics of plants, plant geography, paleobotany, biochemistry, genetics and biology of cryptogams, especially of green algae. Chodat was a specialist in species of the Polygalaceae family. He also dealt with synecological topics such as the myrmecophilia in species of the genus Gerascanthus . His list of publications includes more than 450 titles.

Memberships and honors

  • Member of numerous academies and of the most important natural research societies in Europe
  • Dr. hc from the University of Victoria (Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds), Brussels, Cambridge and the ETH Zurich
  • Corresponding member of the Académie des sciences 1920
  • Member of the Leopoldina in 1932
  • Linnaeus Medal 1933
  • Knight of the Legion of Honor

Dedication names

Several plant taxa were named in honor of Robert Chodat:

  • Acrostichum chodatii Sodiro, 1908 (syn.Elaphoglossum chodatii (Sodiro) C.Chr., 1913)
  • Bidens chodatii Hassl., 1913
  • Calea chodatii Hassl., 1915, nom. nov.
  • Chorisia chodatii Hassl., 1907 (syn.Ceiba chodatii (Hassl.) Ravenna, 1998)
  • Cleome chodatiana Polecat, 1959, nom. nov.
  • Copaifera chodatiana Hassl., 1903 (syn.Guibourtia chodatiana (Hassl.) J.Léonard, 1949)
  • Delphinium chodatii Oppenh., 1936
  • Draba chodatii OESchulz, 1927
  • Eupatorium chodatii Hassl., 1912 (syn.Trichogonia chodatii (Hassl.) RMKing & H.Rob., 1972)
  • Ipomoea chodatiana O'Donell, 1950, nom. nov.
  • Julocroton chodatii Croizat, 1943 (syn.Croton chodatii (Croizat) PEBerry, 2007)
  • Mimosa chodatii Hassl., 1910
  • Moutabea chodatiana Huber, 1902
  • Oxypetalum chodatianum Malme, 1901
  • Paradolichandra chodatii Hassl., 1907 (syn.Dolichandra chodatii (Hassl.) LGLohmann, 2010)
  • Phrygilanthus chodatianus Patsch., 1911 (syn.Tristerix chodatianus (Patsch.) Kuijt, 1988)
  • Quararibea chodatii Vischer, 1920
  • Silene chodatii Bocquet, 1967


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  • Monographia Polygalacearum , vol.1 1891, vol.2 1893.
  • Plantae Hasslerianae (with Emil Hassler ). (1898–1907)
  • Algues vertes de la Suisse: Pleurococcoïdes - Chroolépoïdes (1902)
  • Principes de Botanique (1907)
  • Etude Critique et Experimentale sur le Polymorphisme des Algues , 1909.
  • La Végétation du Paraguay. Résultats Scientifiques d'une Mission Botanique Suisse au Paraguay , (with Wilhelm Vischer ).
  • Monographies d'algues en culture pure (1913)
  • La biologie des plantes: Les plantes aquatiques , 1917.
  • La Myrmécophilie des Cordia de la section Gerascanthus. Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de Geneve, 12, pp. 172-200. (1921)


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