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Robert Klammer (* 20th century ) is a German visual artist, composer and freelance musician . He is mainly involved in the field of electroacoustic improvisation music and new improvisation music . Klammer belongs to the “ Hamburg electronic music scene ”, but is also active as an improvisation musician nationwide.


Robert Klammer grew up in a family of musicians. From the age of three he was trained on the classical violin , at the age of 17 he switched to keyboard instruments such as the piano and from then on became interested in new music , free jazz , electronic music and above all improvisation. He studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, which has next to sounds and noises of city and nature influenced his music and embossed with.

Among other things , he plays synthesizers , piano , zither and percussion and uses various analog and electronic sound generators at his concerts as well as when creating sound objects and installations . He also uses prepared records, playback tapes , MDs and everyday sounds. Klammer has worked so far with Keith Rowe , Evan Parker , Peter Kowald , dieb13 , Ernesto Rodrigues , Wu Wei , Tim Hodgkinson and others.

Klammer was active as an improvisation musician in the formations and projects Feuerbach (with the drummer Gunther Thoenes), Livingroom Orchestra (electronic duo with Harry Nitz), Pingpong (electronic duo with Klemens Kaatz ), The electric nightingale (with Hinnerk K. Börnsen, Guy Saldanha and Gunnar Lettow), Klammer / Lettow Duo and Klammer / Lettow / Österheld Trio . He is currently a member of the KLS trio (with Gunnar Lettow and Lars Scherzberg ) and the impro / performance duo futureduck (with Peter Kastner).

In addition, Klammer has long been a member of the TonArt Ensemble , a formation of free improvising musicians founded in Hamburg in 1989. The CD Bread and Honey (Label True Muze ), recorded with Evan Parker in 1999 with the TonArt Ensemble , received recognition in the international trade press. Most recently, Klammer was involved in the recording of the TonArt Ensemble's CD Murmúrios with Ernesto Rodrigues in 2010 , which was published on the Creative Sources Recordings label.

Klammer, who came from the visual arts to improvisation music and who mainly uses graphic notations for his scores in his compositions , is considered one of the "protagonists of the [Hamburg] scene" of electronic music ( taz ), but has now also been nationally with various active in musical projects, for example in the Berlin music scene in the areas of free improvisation and new music. He had several appearances at the Berlin music project for new music, ausland / projekt archiv e. V. Klammer is regularly invited to the blurred edges - festival for current music in Hamburg , which has developed into the largest music festival in Hamburg since it was founded in 2006 .

Robert Klammer lives in Hamburg.


Solo tracks
  • Untitled , on: Farewell from Berne - compilation of Hamburg noise music , LP, 1995, label growing process
  • Untitled , on: Abschied aus Berne , MC, 1996, Label Growing Process
TonArt Ensemble
  • Bread and Honey , with Evan Parker , 1999, CD, label True Muze
  • Murmúrios , with Ernesto Rodrigues , 2010, CD, Label Creative Sources Recordings

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