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Robert Müser (born October 12, 1849 in Dortmund ; † October 30, 1927 there ) was a German mining entrepreneur . He headed the Harpener Bergbau AG , which his father co-founded .


Robert Müser was born on October 12, 1849 in Dortmund, the eleventh of 15 children of Friedrich Wilhelm and Friederika Caroline Amalie Müser, née Lührmann. However, four of the couple's children died early. The mother was the daughter of a colonial goods wholesaler in Dortmund, the father came from a Langendreerer mining family and was actually a doctor. However, on January 4, 1856, he founded Harpener Bergbau AG (HBAG) together with Wilhelm von Hoevel and Heinrich von Sydow . Robert Müser attended grammar school in Dortmund and went to America in 1866, where three older brothers were also staying. He completed an apprenticeship at a New York bank and worked in a New York trading company. He intended to remain in the United States and obtained US citizenship. At the request of the seriously ill father, however, he returned to Dortmund in 1874 and was appointed to the HBAG board of directors. A year later he took over management of the company together with Bergmeister von der Becke; When he left in 1893, Müser led the company alone as general director until June 30, 1914 and then moved to the supervisory board. During Müser's tenure, the company expanded significantly: the number of shafts rose from 4 to 46 and the number of employees from 1,755 to 33,185. In addition, he was represented on numerous supervisory boards of other companies and was also involved in industrial policy. He was one of the founders of the Rhenish-Westphalian coal syndicate . In 1902 he was appointed to the Commerce Council and in 1910 to the Secret Commerce Council. He built Haus Ende in Herdecke. Robert Müser died unmarried. In his memory, the Robert Müser colliery in Bochum was named after him.


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