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Robert Nedoma (* 1961 in Ternitz , Lower Austria ) is an Austrian Scandinavian and German medievalist , linguist , name researcher and runologist .

Nedoma studied at the University of Vienna and received his doctorate there in 1987 with a dissertation on the Wieland saga . From 1987 he worked as an assistant at the Institute for German Studies, first with projects on old Germanic onomastics , then at the Scandinavian department. In 1991 he was awarded the Lower Austrian Science Award. In 2004 he completed his habilitation with a thesis on personal names in South Germanic runic inscriptions for older Scandinavian and older German philology. From 2010 he was an associate professor and has been a professor at the Scandinavian Studies Department at the University of Vienna since 2019 . In 2014 Nedoma was elected a member of the Royal Gustav Adolfs Academy of Swedish Folk Culture , in 2018 a member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences Agder and in 2020 a member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences .

Scientific work and research focus Nedomas are the Old Norse language and Old Norse literature , runology, Old Germanic name research and Germanic antiquity (interdisciplinary research into Germanic antiquity). In addition to numerous articles in periodicals and anthologies, as a co-editor, he has written a number of articles in the second edition of the Reallexikons der Germanischen Altertumskunde . He is editor of the journal Die Sprache , the Scandinavian series of Viennese studies on Scandinavian studies and Viennese texts on Scandinavian studies and the online series Miscellanea septentrionalia , as well as co-editor of the magazine North-Western European Language Evolution and the old Germanic series Philologica Germanica .


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