Robillard Glacier

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Robillard Glacier
location Grahamland , Antarctic Peninsula
Coordinates 68 ° 18 ′  S , 65 ° 43 ′  W Coordinates: 68 ° 18 ′  S , 65 ° 43 ′  W
Robillard Glacier (Antarctic Peninsula)
Robillard Glacier
drainage Solberg Inlet

The Robillard Glacier is a glacier on the Bowman Coast of southern Graham Lands on the Antarctic Peninsula . It flows in an east-northeast direction into the north side of the head end of Solberg Inlet .

The team on the so-called East Base during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939-1941) discovered him. Scientists from the US Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition photographed the glacier from the air in 1947. The Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey mapped him the following year. The American polar explorer Finn Ronne named him after George N. Robillard (1902-1989) of the Bureau of Ships , who helped raise funds in the US Congress to buy a ship for Ronne's expedition.

There is a risk of confusion by name with the Robilliard Glacier in East Antarctic Victoria Land .

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