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Rocky "Falone" Gresset (* 1980 ) is a French gypsy jazz musician ( guitar ).

Live and act

Gresset comes from a musical family; at the age of nine he started playing the guitar. As a teenager he was interested in the music of Django Reinhardt and the culture of the Manouches . Christian Escoudé became his mentor; first appearances followed in the 2000s, u. a. at the Django Reinhardt festival . He worked u. a. with Lionel Belmondo , Stéphane Belmondo and Jean-Marc Jafet . In 2005 he was involved in Lemmy Constantine's album Meeting Sinatra & Django . Gresset's self-titled debut album was released on the Dreyfus Jazz label in 2009 , on which the violinist Costel Nitescu, the rhythm guitarist Matheu Chatelain and the bassist Jeremie Arranger participated. Then he mainly interpreted jazz standards such as Time on My Hands , Just One of Those Things , Blue Skies or Here's That Rainy Day . In 2012 he and Adrien Moignard presented the duo album Entres Actes (Dreyfus Jazz), on which they covered standards like I'll Remember April or My Funny Valentine , Django Reinhardt numbers like Belleville and pop classics like How Deep Is Your Love .

Discographic notes

  • Adrien Moignard, Rocky Gresset, Richard Manetti , Noé Reinhardt and Sébastien Giniaux : Selmer # 607 (2008)
  • Rocky Gresset (2009)
  • Adrien Moignard and Rocky Gresset: Entre Actes (2012)
  • Noé Reine, Costel Nitescu, Rocky Gresset, Rémi Oswald and Jérémie Arranger: Noé Pure (2015)
  • Eric Legnini : Six Strings Under (2019)

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