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The Rote Revue was the theoretical magazine of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland . It was published from 1921 to 2009. The magazine Neues Leben , published from 1915 to 1919 by Robert Grimm and initially by Jacob Lorenz , can be used as a predecessor . Monthly for socialist education to be understood. All editions of the Rote Revue are freely accessible as digital copies on the E-Periodica platform of the Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service (SEALS) operated by the ETH-Bibliothek for non-commercial use.

Title variants

The magazine appeared with changing titles and subtitles:

  • 1921–1966: Red Review. Socialist monthly.
  • 1967-1980: Profile. Social democratic journal for politics, economics and culture.
  • 1981–1989: Red Review - Profile. Monthly magazine.
  • 1990–2009: Red Review. Journal for politics, economy and culture.

Responsible editors

An editorial team of one or two people was responsible for the publication:


  • Markus Blaser: On the history of the Red Revue. In: Red Review. Vol. 85 (2007), No. 1, pp. 34-37. doi : 10.5169 / seals-342006

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