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Business circular ("Circular") from the businessman Caspar Voght with which he informed about the withdrawal from a joint company

A circular (also circular , circulation letter , circular ; Austrian "Kurrende") is a document , the above communication systems (such as letters by the post office ) in multiple copies to more than one receiver will be sent. This means that the same information can be sent to a group of recipients at the same time. The counterpart in telecommunications is broadcasting .


Modern forms of the newsletter in the communications over the Internet are via e-mail - especially on mailing lists - sent email newsletters and electronic newsletters . The encyclicals are important papal circulars . In the public sector , ministries or authorities send circulars. These represent an administrative act in the form of a collective ruling in accordance with Section 5 VwVfG , if a sovereign measure is taken to regulate an individual case with direct legal effect to the outside world, as in the BaFin circulars to credit institutions or insurers .

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