South china

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South China in different definitions. Huanan is shown in deep red.

With southern China ( Chinese  中國南方  /  中国南方 , Pinyin Zhōngguó Nanfang ) different areas in China are called depending on the context.

Southern China in the narrower sense, also known as Huanan , ( 華南 地區  /  华南 地区 , Huánán Dìqū , short: 華南  /  华南 , Huánán ) is the southern part of the Zhongnan region (central and southern China) and includes the provinces of Guangdong and Hainan with Hong Kong and Macau and the Guangxi Autonomous Region .

South China ( 中國 南方  /  中国 南方 , Zhōngguó Nánfāng ) in the broadest sense denotes the southern half of the Chinese heartland , in geographical-climatic and cultural-historical demarcation from northern China. This boundary is often seen near the Qinling Mountains and the Yangtze and Huai He rivers .

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