S6G reactor

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The S6G reactor is a nuclear reactor used by the United States Navy to generate electrical energy and propulsion for warships .

The designation "S6G" stands for:

This nuclear reactor was developed by General Electric developed in hunting submarines of the Los Angeles-class submarine to be used. The S6G reactor consists of the reactor cooling system , the steam generator and other auxiliary systems that supply steam to the drive room. The Los Angeles-class engine room , also called the 688-class, also contains the steam turbines that generate electrical and mechanical energy for the screw . Although detailed information on the technical data is confidential, the S6G reactor is known to cause a 688-class submarine to travel over 15  knots (28 km / h) while underwater and over 25 knots (46 km / h) submerged h) can accelerate.

The S6G reactor was originally developed for the use of a D1G-2 reactor core , the core that is also used by the D2G reactor , which is used in guided missile cruisers of the USS Bainbridge class and generates 148  MW of power. All 688-class submarines since the USS Providence (SSN-719) ( launched 1984) use the D2W core with 168 MW, 150 MW cores are used on the older boats. The D1G-2 will be replaced with D2W cores when the boats' nuclear fuel is changed.

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