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Sust in Horgen

A sust is a goods transfer point that has a warehouse with an administrative part, which is also called a sust .

At the time of the haulage trade , the transported goods had to be reloaded several times over longer distances. Some of the haulers were organized in cooperatives called Porten , which had a transport monopoly on certain routes. At the ends of these routes, the goods to be transported had to be reloaded at a Sust and handed over to another cooperative. Susten were used to store the goods during the night. Some Susten are on the lake shore and were used to reload the goods from the ship to pack animals and vice versa.

Such sausages can still be found on Lake Zurich in Horgen and on Lake Lucerne in Stansstad and Flüelen . The place name of the village of Susten in Valais also points to the Leuk Suste , although nothing remains structurally from the time of the mule-trade.

The name Sust is rooted in the Italian word Sosta for a resting place. The name Sustenpass is derived from it.


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