SV 1883 Schwarza

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SV 1883 Schwarza
Sv 1883 schwarza.gif
Basic data
Surname Sports club 1883 Schwarza eV
Seat Rudolstadt-Schwarza
founding 1883
First soccer team
Venue Stadium in the community valley
Places 4,000
league District upper league Central Thuringia
2018/19 10th place

The SV 1883 Schwarza is a German sports club from the Rudolstadt district of Schwarza .

Club structure

With 1750 members and 17 sports departments, the club is one of the largest sports clubs in the Free State of Thuringia . He names grassroots, rehabilitation, and children's and youth sports as the focus of his work. 50 percent of the members are children and young people. The club has the municipal sports park in the community valley with two grass pitches, two bowling alleys, four bowling alleys and the weightlifting center as well as gyms in Rudolstadt. Sportpark Gemeindetal offers space for 4,000 spectators. The following sports are offered: aerobics, badminton, basketball, billiards, fitness, soccer, weightlifting, judo, bowling, rehab, sailing, swimming, skiing, dancing, table tennis, gymnastics and volleyball, rhythmic gymnastics (status 2014).

historical development

In its tradition, SV 1883 refers to two predecessors, the "Gymnastics Club in Schwarza" founded in Schwarza on July 7, 1883 and the "Company Sports Association Chemie Schwarza" which existed in the GDR era. Logically, SV 1883 celebrated its 125th anniversary in July 2008.

After all civil associations were broken up after the Second World War, sport was practiced in loosely organized sports communities, as elsewhere in Schwarza. At the end of the 1940s, the sports organization in East Germany was converted to company sports associations , whose sponsors were the local economy and administration. The chemical fiber combine based in Schwarza founded BSG Chemie Rudolstadt, which was renamed BSG Chemie Schwarza in 1958. Although sections for several sports were formed, only the football section received national attention at times. The first soccer team played for a few years between 1973 and 1979 in the second-rate GDR league .

When the company sports associations could no longer exist after the political change in 1989 and the subsequent economic changes, the "Sportverein 1883 Schwarza" was founded by members of the BSG Chemie on June 27, 1990.

Development of football from 1945

Logo of the BSG Chemie

Neither the soccer players of SG Schwarza nor those of the BSG unit Rudolstadt initially got beyond the district level. In the 1954/55 season chemistry Rudolstadt gave a one-year guest appearance in the third-class district league Gera . In 1957, under the name of Chemie Schwarza, the company was promoted again to the fourth-class district league. There the team fought for the district championship in 1960, which entitled to promotion to the 2nd GDR league .

With the league reform that took place in 1963 and the associated dissolution of the 2nd GDR league, Chemie Schwarza rose again to the Gera district league for almost a decade . In the season 1972/73 was enough behind the not eligible for promotion teams Wismut Gera II and FC Carl Zeiss Jena III a third place to rise for the first time in the GDR league . From the second highest division of the GDR Schwarza rose again after one season together with Stahl Maxhütte . The same scenario played out in the following years in the seasons 1975/76 and 1978/79, in which Chemie Schwarza in the style of an elevator team immediately relegated to third class.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the football department at Chemie Schwarza merged with local rivals FC Einheit Rudolstadt , which lasted until 1993 . In 1993, on the initiative of the department head Andreas Granowski, a new football department was set up in Schwarza. The first men's team started the 1993/94 season in the first district class with SV 1883 Schwarza. In 1994 a second men's team was founded and in 1995 the first junior team. SV 1883 Schwarza celebrated its first major success in the 1995/96 season as a cup winner and promotion to the district league (season 3). In 2012 the first team was relegated to the ninth class district league. In 2015 he was promoted to the current division of the district upper league in Central Thuringia . SV 1883 Schwarza is represented in all junior departments and runs a successful syndicate in the junior high-field teams with FC Einheit Rudolstadt.


  • Participation in the GDR League: 1973/74, 1975/76, 1978/79
  • Participation in the 2nd GDR League: 1961/62, 1962/63
  • Eternal table of the GDR league : Rank 138

People of particular importance

  • Christoph Stephan , started his career as a biathlete at SV 1883, three-time junior world champion, German champion 2008, vice European champion 2006
  • Michael Strempel , was a soccer player and coach at BSG Chemie in the 1970s, played 15 senior international matches, 159 league games, including for FC Carl Zeiss Jena
  • Detlef Zimmer , was from 1980 to 1983 soccer player and coach of the BSG Chemie, 200 league games for Aue, Jena and Brandenburg


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